Focus Tutors & Test Prep

Testimonials from Parents

"Chris is an absolute winner. Not only is he humorous, competent, and trustworthy (precisely the kind of person you want with your teenager), he is also an extremely effective tutor. He seamlessly and very successfully guided our son through the SAT prep process. Our experience could not have been more positive."

"Focus Tutors provided superb test preparation for both our Trinity School children, one a chemistry major at the University of Chicago and the other enrolling at Yale. Focus Tutors taught sound practical test-taking approaches and efficiently individualized review so that taking the SAT once proved sufficient."

"I work with high achieving students at the top private day schools in New York City and at boarding schools all over the country, with the specific goal of making sure they continue to achieve at a high academic standard. When I have a student struggling and I need help, Focus is my first call."

"My kid is diligent but not a great test taker. His tutor knew exactly how to guide him in preparing for the SHSAT. She knew exactly which material to review and which strategies would work best for him, and she was encouraging when he was worried about not doing well. I couldn't have been happier with both her teaching methods and her great manner."

"Not only does Chris really know the subject matter, he knows the teenage brain and how to get inside that head. Our daughter loved Chris - she trusted and respected him - which made the process really easy. We could step back and let the process unfold. We didn't need to nag and worry - Chris was on the case!"

"Leigh actually looked forward to the afternoons when Meredith from Focus Tutors would come to work on SSATs. Leigh nailed the exam and was accepted at 8 of the 9 schools where she applied."

"My daughter worked for more than 6 months with another tutor, making very little progress, and we realized we needed to make a change. Luckily we found Chris - he took her under his wing and addressed her problem areas quickly with striking results. I think he’s amazing as does my daughter."

"We have just finished navigating the college application process for the second time. We know of no one else whose satisfaction with the SAT prep process comes close to equaling ours. We can, and do, recommend Focus without hesitation to anyone facing the daunting college application year."

"We were so impressed with Chris's SAT work that we have turned to him to recommend other Focus tutors for our son. His English and History tutor, Meredith, and his Physics tutor, Kofi, have both taught my son strategies to approach the varied subject matter logically and calmly, while keeping him more organized and engaged. The prospect of two additional college application processes and SAT preparations seems much less daunting now that we have found Chris and Focus Tutors. We couldn't recommend them more highly."

"Chris Falcinelli is one of the few people in the test business that simplifies rather than complicates your life. He is no nonsense. His results are nothing short of astounding. I am not sure what else a parent could ask for. Anyone who needs a longer—there is no higher—recommendation need only call me."

Testimonials from Students

"Chris is a great tutor and a great guy. He helped me enormously. I would recommend Focus to anyone who tends to overthink standardized tests; they train you to think strategically and use your time effectively."

"I had predetermined that my goal for the SAT would be a 2250 and week after week this goal seemed more plausible. The Focus techniques played off of my strengths and were critical in overcoming my problem areas, and they ultimately helped me achieve a 2360 on the exam. I highly recommend Focus to anyone that wants to improve their scores on the SAT."

"Focus does not waste time teaching the 'tricks of the trade'...they realize that the SAT is work, and they make sure their students know this as well. I would recommend Focus without hesitation to any student who wants to work hard for a top SAT score."

"...extremely helpful as well as fun and flexible to work with. My tutor got to know me and convinced me to look at the SAT in a entirely different and more effective way."

"Chris is simply an excellent teacher, among the best I've encountered at Trinity School and Harvard College."

"New York City has a lot of tutors, but Chris is truly the best of the best. He understands exactly how to achieve a high score on the SAT, and his teaching approach is clear, pragmatic, and effective. His students have the scores to prove it."

"I'm almost tempted to say that the Focus method helped me turn standardized testing into an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend Focus Tutors to anyone looking for the most competent and effective SAT prep around."

Testimonials for College Advisory

"I thought we needed an 'intermediary' to help us through and was very fortunate to hire Meredith, an extremely talented young woman that not only added a calm, thoughtful, and organized approach to the process, but was also someone that our daughter loved to work with. She also utilized an appropriate sense of humor that greatly diffused the intensity. As I relinquished 'control' over the process and handed the reins over to Meredith, our family could relax and finally get excited about the possibilities ahead for our daughter. I heartily recommend Meredith to help your senior navigate the intense terrain of applying to college."

"My daughter and I found Meredith's advice and judgment to be very sound and obviously helpful. Meredith, who is highly intelligent and very knowledgeable about colleges, was also very responsive and efficient. This had a most reassuring effect on both of us!"

". . . an excellent college advisor. She helped me flush out all my ideas and improve my essays dramatically. In addition, she was extremely fun to work with! She made the college process a little less painful."