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Academic Tutoring & Test Prep, In Person or via Skype

We offer one-on-one test prep with experienced tutors at a variety of price points for SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, AP, ISEE and SSAT.

We also offer private academic assistance in Middle School math, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, English/Writing, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Latin.

Our tutors are available year-round in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and summer tutors are available in the Hamptons and the North Fork. And of course, both test prep and academic assistance are also offered via Skype. We have Skype-tutored students in Nairobi, London, Aspen, Chicago, San Francisco, Boulder, D.C., Atlanta, Bethesda…and the list goes on. Skype tutoring is a flexible, effective way of bringing a great tutor to you, no matter where you are.

Our Take on Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is different from school, and it requires a different kind of thinking. School, quite properly, stresses conceptual, creative and analytical thinking. School is about finding meaning, and adding meaning, about taking the information you’re given and expanding it. School teaches these kinds of thought, and they are very valuable, but a standardized test doesn’t care about them at all.

These tests are about accuracy, execution and, far above all else, careful reading. To succeed on the SAT or its brethren, you must effectively access the information on the page and answer the questions based only on that information. To do the things taught in school—to be creative, to look for meaning—these are big testing mistakes, and they will hurt the test taker who attempts them.

Instead, you must concentrate on the kind of thinking necessary to succeed, to get the question right. You must emphasize care, accuracy and focus. You must simplify, read carefully and never over think. Figure out what the question says to do, and do it.

At Focus, we understand this kind of thinking, and we can provide you with the tools to understand it and put it into action. We’ll make sure that you have all the skills necessary for the test, but we will also help you acquire the proper mindset to break down the test and do your very best job.

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